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Our wineyards are situated in the south area of Montalcino, inside that suggestive valley placed between Castelnuovo dell’Abate e Sant’Angelo in Colle, 300m  above sea level, where grapes find the best conditions to state their qualities, reaching the highest quality for Brunello di Montalcino production.

Sheltered north side from Tramontana winds, wineyards appreciate instead the influence of temperate winds coming from the sea, that lend wines a unique salty taste.

The peculiar terroir is composed by red soil, galestro and stony ground and it's supported at 3 m underground by a clay cove that gives vineyards relief during drought seasons, keeping roots properly moisted.
All of this grants a natural high quality of our grapes.

Our vineyards:

- Spianate: 40 years age, Sangiovese
lend to wines, thanks to its old Sangiovese clones, a great alcoholic strenght.

- Belvedere: 30 years age, Sangiovese
lend to wines peculiar smells of marasca cherry and wild berries.

- Quercione: 20 years age, Sangiovese
characterized by a big Oak tree standing right in the middle of the vineyard,
lend to wines the perfect balance between Sangiovese traditional smells and tastes.

Besides, Winery has already planned to broaden vineyards with additonal 7 hectares

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